The Return of… Hello, My Name is Pepper and I’m a Bad Dog

Ugh, I was hoping I’d retired this blog post title, but alas, it seems I have not.  I think Pepper is going a little stir crazy in the horrendous New Orleans heat we’ve been experiencing this week.  We haven’t been doing any long walks or even shirt runs and I think the lack of exercise is driving us both a bit crazy. 

Today I made an amazing salad for lunch and topped it with seared Ahi tuna that was perfectly marinated and cooked by moi.  I sat down to eat and left the remaining tuna steak on the counter, as I was sure I’d want a second helping.  Well alas, like a little weasel ninja, Pepper managed to pull off a walk-by-tuna-grab off the counter and as soon as I realized she was even there the tuna was gone!  I was not pleased. 

After a stern scolding I banished her upstairs for the remainder of my meal and while I cleaned up.  She didn’t even try to sneak down, she knew that tuna- snatching was a serious offense.  The funny part was, about 20 minutes when I wanted her to come down stairs she wouldn’t budge.  Haha, I had to bribe her with a walk (that I did in fact take her on) to get her to come back down stairs.  That’ll teach her to steal my food!


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