Breaking News: New Orleans Rivals the Sun as Hottest Place in the Galaxy

Gaaahhh.  It’s soooo hot.  I know it’s hot everywhere right now, but it’s really hot here!  It’s really put a halt on any kind of training for the half-marathon I have in October, because I refuse to crack and run on the treadmill like a sane person would.  Here’s the temp (both in °F and °C) from 10:20 in the morning a few days ago.


This morning the weather finally “broke” a little bit overnight and it wasn’t completely hateful this morning.  I decided to go for a run with Pepper and it was ok, but still pretty toasty.  We stopped for a swim in the river on the way out to keep her cool and then on the way back we stopped at a friend’s house and Pepper had a drink from their hose.  Then we walked down the shady boulevard for the last half mile.  So it really wasn’t much of a run…. but hey, we tried! 


Slow.... but we did it!

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