Summer Recap 1- My 30th Birthday

Summer seemed to fly by this year, more so than usual.  I had what seemed like a ton of time off school (just over 3 months!), but now that I’m kicking off my final semester I have no idea where my summer went.  I worked a lot, took a couple of classes, and hung out with Pepper.  I tried to soak up as much “lazy summer” as I could because once I graduate in December I have to rejoin the grown up working world and get a “real” job,  However, there were a few major events that I never got around to blogging about that deserve some recognition so I decided to do a summer recap series.  First item on that list- my 30th Birthday!

Yes, I finally turned 30.  I was so done with my 20’s, I couldn’t wait to turn 30.  Don’t get me wrong, there was some good times in my 20’s, but I’m ready to move onwards and upwards and really get my life and career going in the direction I’m heading in now.  Time to stop playing around and get down to business!

My birthday is on July 4th, so naturally (in the US) there are lots of festivities happening around that time and therefore I tend do my party either a day or two before or after the actual 4th.  For the past 5 years I have had a joint birthday party with the owner of my local pub.  His birthday is the 6th so we team up and have a big joint celebration, usually with some kind of British theme.  This year’s theme was Last Night of the Proms that we then sort of combined with an American Prom theme (so the Americans would understand it).  Basically everyone got dressed up with suits and gowns and we drank a lot.  It was awesome.

My parents came down from Ohio to help me celebrate (and Mom loves an excuse to attend a good party), and my brother and his (brand new) wife Jessica came over from Texas to visit too.  It was tons of fun!!  All my girlfriends came out in full form, donning their finest gowns and jewels, and we partied the night away.  Of course the Marine was there as well, and although he keeps threatening to trade me in for a newer model now that I’d hit my 30’s, he still hasn’t followed through yet 😉


Mommy and I before the party


Me, Dad, and Mom


Jessica, Mom, and I


(Most of) the girls!


Even Norm wore a dress!

On July 4th (my actual birthday) we house-hopped between a few friends houses.  We went to Scot and Stephanie’s for lunch and awesome cocktails made by Scot, the El Guapo Cocktail Mastermind.  From there we wandered to our other neighbors’ house, ate my delicious food, drank more good booze, and then watched fireworks.  After the fireworks, I cashed out.  I can’t party like I used to in my 20’s apparently… I must be getting old 😉


Steph, Shane, and Mom sporting their patriotic gear


Ramos Gin Fizz made by the amazing Scot Maddox


Birthday flowers from the Marine

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