WP Swag

I recently had my two-year Word Press anniversary!  Woo!


It feels like just yesterday I started this blog.  Since then I’ve been through a couple of dogs, a couple of boyfriends, moved three times, almost completed nursing school, completed a half Ironman, and lived to blog about it all!

Luckily I’ve had my own personal (not really, but sometimes I feel like she is) WordPress.com Happiness Engineer, Pam, by my side to assist me with all of my blogging trials and tribulations.  She’s also my race buddy and we like to drink wine together so she serves a life Happiness Engineer too.

Anyway, she has the coolest WordPress gear that I always like so much, so for my two-year WP anniversary she hooked me up with a sweet WP T-shirt that I’d been pining after.



So now I can be as cool as almost as cool as Pam and rock my WP swag around town.  Next I need a selfie stick (like Pam!)- it would have made photographing my swag much easier!

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