Summer Recap Part 2- Garth Brooks Concert

As I mentioned in my previous post, I celebrated my 30th birthday in July.  I decided that bridging into a new decade of life meant that I could splurge on a decent present for myself so I bought myself tickets to see Garth Brooks in concert.  I had never seen Garth in concert before so it was a bit of a bucket list item for me, and it certainly was not a disappointment.  Everything I’d heard about Garth in concert was true- he was energetic, he was funny, he sang live, and he doesn’t hold anything back.  It was awesome!

I went with my usual country concert partner in crime, Amelia, and then two of my other friends, Red and Diane (you may remember them from various triathlon posts).  None of us had seen him before so we were all very excited. His set list was awesome and he played all of his hits that we sang along to the whole time.  His wife, Trisha Yearwood, even came out and sang a few songs, and she was excellent as well.  He played 4 shows in New Orleans and we caught him on the last night he was in town, so it seemed like he gave it all he had!  Although I said I only wanted to see him once, I can definitely say that I would go and see him again- it was that good!


Amelia and I before the show


Hey Trisha!


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