We’re Back!

That’s right, the Dynamic Ginger Duo is back to blogging after far too much time away.  My favorite Happiness Engineer and good friend Pam was bugging me gently reminding me the other day that I hadn’t blogged for a while.  “It can’t have been that long since I last blogged,” I thought to myself, so I decided to click on over to my blog and see where I left off.  I was wrong, it had been a while, like…. 10 months.  10 months!  I could have made and birthed a human in that amount of time!  (I didn’t, for the record.)

So, no babies, but I did get up to some other things in my time away.  Here’s a few things that have happened in the last 10 months:

  1.  I graduated nursing school, got a job in an ICU, left my ICU job, and am now I’m about to start a new position in an ER.  I already have tons of good nursing stories to share, but you likely won’t see many of them as HIPPA tends to frown on that kind of thing.
  2. I bought a house here in New Orleans that I’m now in the middle of renovating. Like, really renovating, not just painting a couple of walls.  It’s been a bit stressful, but it’s coming together nicely now.  Lots of house updates to come, I promise.
  3. I’m semi-homeless at the moment, as I gave up my apartment, and the new house is a bit of a construction zone and not particularly comfortable to live in (admittedly, I under-estimated how long renovations would take by a few months).  Luckily Pepper made friends with a nice guy she met in the neighborhood, and we are staying with him for a few weeks.  Well, really more like a few months.  Ok, if I’m honest, he’s just praying we’re out by Christmas, but he’s being a good sport about the whole thing.  So far we’ve saturated his life with our gingerness and glitter and he hasn’t kicked us out yet,  so we’re just crossing our fingers and paws that our luck continues.  I haven’t settled on a good blog name for him yet, so for now we’ll call him Mr. Big (and yes, that’s  Sex and the City reference).
  4. Training for races has been on the back burner since the fall, but I’m currently getting back into the groove.  I returned to the the pool last week for the first time since my half Ironman last year, I’ve stepped up my running distances in the mornings, and I’m currently in the market for a proper triathlon bike of my own. Hurray!  Right now the race goal is Ironman 70.3 Austin in October, but I haven’t quite pulled the trigger on signing up yet.  I should really do that….

And of course…. Pepper!  She’s still Peppering right along, as she does.  She’s adapted pretty well to the turmoil of moving.  She was initially a little out of sorts bitchy, but she’s settled down since.  Here’s what she’s been up to for the past few months:

Will post more updates soon- it’s good to be back! 🙂

9 thoughts on “We’re Back!

      • I’ve done a half before in New Orleans. They are awesome. You’re going to be so nervous and wonder why you’re doing it, but once you start they are so fun and the time flies by. It’s the best feeling when you finish 🙂

      • haha i am a little terrified about what im getting myself into! How was your experience in NOLA? That was the first half I watched 🙂

      • NOLA was great! I realized that I hadn’t put in enough time on the bike, though, because that’s my least favorite part. Unfortunately, you just have to train for time in the saddle to get your butt ready!

    • noooo hahah the bike is what im dreading the most. and the Austin course is super hilly. i think ill be more proud that i survived and finished the bike than i will the whole race haha

      • I’ve never wanted to start running a half marathon so badly in my life!!! Haha

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