The Tortoise and the… Hound?

Ok, I confess, it was actually a turtle, but that doesn’t have nearly the same play on words now does it?

Yesterday was unseasonably cool here in Southern Louisiana (meaning we hadn’t hit triple digits on the thermometer by 8 am) so Pepper and I decided to take advantage of this cold snap by sneaking in a long(ish) run before the Sun realized it was late for work.  Apparently we weren’t he only ones with that good idea, as a mile into our run we met this little guy cruising along the levee.  

Pepper was convinced it was a landmine and didn’t want to go near it, I just thought the little dude was quite cute. However, I didn’t think he was going to make it over the concrete wall behind him without some assistance so I relocated him to the tall grass down by the river where (I thought) he belongs.  I didn’t want him to end up under someone bicycle tire.

From there we continued on, but not without feeling that we were good neighbors to the local wildlife. 🙂 

More on the actual run portion of this adventure later.

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