New Kicks

It had been a few months since I’d bought some running shows, and unfortunately I’d called into my usual rutt of wearing my running shoes for dog walks, 12 hour nursing shifts, grocery trips, and so on.  Basically, I was adding way too mucvh non-running mileage and it had taken its toll on my shoes.  Time for a shoe order!

Today my UPS guy Angel in a Brown Truck, Blake, delivered my new runners just at the end of a massive thunderstorm, which consequently meant an hour of cool-ish weather in southern Louisiana.  Out of the box they came and I immediately took them out for a post-storm 5K on the levee, even though I’d already been running this morning.  Truth be told, my run this morning was pretty terrible, so I was glad for the excuase to redeem myself.  And honestly, there really isn’t anything like the shine and the bounce of new running shoes, and of course they didn’t disappoint :). 

Mizuno wave Creation 16 in Lime Punch 

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