Strep Throat is the Worst

So after the arrival of my new shoes last Thursday, training came to a screeching halt.  I’d been suffering from some low energy last week, but I chalked it up to exercising in Louisiana summer heat, and I’d developed some ear ache in the latter part of the week, but I blamed that on ears full of pool water.  However, on Friday everything came to a head and I realized that I was, in fact, feeling terrible and that my tonsils both looked like the petri dishes in some wierd science experiment.

Long story short, I had strep throat.  I never had strep throat as a kid, so I was surprised to find out at 31 years of age I was now suffering from it for the first time. 

I’m not impressed…

I was not happy.  But the cute doctor gave me a nice combo steroid and antibiotic shot, I bought myself some ice cream, and by the end of the weekend I was almost back to normal. Lesson learned though- I’ll never mock those little kids whining about sore throats anymore, because strep is no joke! 

My ice cream is claimed!

One thought on “Strep Throat is the Worst

  1. You poor thing. Being sick in the summer heat is the worst, but that combo steroid-antibiotic shot is the best. đŸ™‚ And I’m sure Ginger was an excellent nurse. Glad to hear you’re feeling better!

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