Introducing Scarlett

She’s finally here!!  My first proper triathlon bike! 

She’s not brand new, obviously, but she’s new to me and I couldn’t wait to get her put together as soon as she arrived this past weekend.  She’s a 2009 (I think…) Cervelo P2 that has been used in triathlons by her previous owner.  I took her out this morning for a quick half hour ride and she felt great.  So light and fast compared to the bikes I’ve been using recently, and I found that my easy “feel-it-out” ride actually had a better pace than a lot of my previous training rides where I was working hard. Her aerobars make me a bit (ok, a lot!) nervous right now, but I know soon they will feel completely normal.  
She’s named Scarlett due to her coloring (scarlet and gray being Ohio State colors, a shout out to my home state), but also because there has to be some kind of “Gone with the Wind” fast bike analogy out there that fits (right?!).  Not to mention she’s a southern bike now, so she needs a good southern name.  Apparently she’s performed in a number of 70.3 distance races with her previous owner, so maybe some of her experience will rub off on me in our future races.  Until then, we’ll just keep practicing our selfies!  šŸ™‚ 

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