And then there were THREE! 

So a lot has happened since my last blog update a few months ago.

1. I finally moved into my new house (more posts on that later)!!!  I didn’t manage to move in by Christmas, much to Mr. Big’s dismay, but I did move in at the beginning of January. 

2. I loving work and getting my ducks in a row to start applying for my Master’s.

3. We have a new addition to the family.  

Meet RUBY:

For the record, I was not planning on getting another dog, but hey, sometimes life happens.  The American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue has contacted me mid-february to ask if I could foster a Coonhound at a local New Orleans shelter.  I couldn’t foster until the beginning of March because I was still taking care of my parents’ dog while they were on vacation, but I said I was interested. 

Well, long story short they couldn’t find any other fosters after a week or so and she was out of time at the shelter.  She was on medical hold for kennel cough and heart worms and had been in medical isolation for three weeks.  They had no more room to keep here and she was up for the pink juice. So…. I took her.  

She was so skinny!  And that was after putting on almost 10 lbs at the shelter. Yikes!

I don’t think she was ever abused, just neglected.  She didn’t seem like she’d ever had much human interaction and everything about being in a house seemed new to her. 

She also ate (!!!!) my cellphone on day 2 of having her, but I guess she just knew I wanted a new phone…

But look how sweet she is! And her and Pepper get along really well, so after a week I decided to keep her. 

We have a lot of training to do, and of course heartworm treatment beginning next month, but for now we are just trying to put on weight and learn how to be loved. 

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