Year of the Shark- February Recap

Ok, so before we get any further into March, I thought I had better hurry up and write my recap for February. This month flew by, as not only is it the shortest month of the year, but also one of the busiest in South Louisiana. While the rest of the country is tucked into their warm houses or busy shoveling snow from their driveways, we are wearing wigs, sequins, feathers, and glitter and taking to the streets to have a city wide party- it’s Mardi Gras, y’all.

So here is what the ginger hounds and I got up to while we were busy Sharking in February:

  1. Ruby went to her first parade. Two weekends before Mardi Gras there is a HUGE dog parade through the French Quarter. The parade is put on by the Mystic Krewe of Barkus, and even has a doggy King and Queen each year. This parade always draws huge crowds of dog lovers, and although we didn’t march in the parade this year, I thought it might be a good time to try Ruby out in the French Quarter (Pepper has been to the Quarter tons of times). Long story short, Ruby loved it. My former country-hound took to the big city life like a pig to mud, strutting down Canal Street like it was named after her, and singing “the song of her people” to an entire ferry-load of people on the way across the river. Pepper was also well-behaved- a good time was had by all!

2. Mardi Gras Day is always one of my favorite days of the year. This year the Mardi Gras gods shined down on the city and gave us great weather for Tuesday this year, as the days building up to Fat Tuesday itself were rainy and cold. My costume didn’t come together as I hoped this year, so it ended up being a last minute hodge-podge of other costume items that I threw together. My friend Katie and I were unicorns, and I ended up being the ‘dark’ unicorn to her light and cheery version. But don’t worry, there was still a ton of glitter.














3. Introducing Bruce! Yes, I bought a new car, it was time. So, Bruce is now the official Shark Mobile for the girls and I (hence the name). He’s a 2018 Volkswagon Tiguen and we love him already. Can’t wait for him to take us on some good adventures!


4. We celebrated the one year anniversary of bringing Ruby home. She’s come a long way from the starving, forgotten hound dog she was a year ago.




5. I got into Nurse Practioner School! No big deal… Actually it’s a huge deal, and I’m very excited about it. I definitely feel like all of my hard work in January paid off. I start courses in April, so I suppose I better sneak in a vacation or two before then!  I probably should have put this at the beginning of the post, but hey- I saved the best for last.  Here’s looking forward to March!


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