Adventures in Exercise Class- Hot Yoga

There are some big changes happening over here in my world which we are pretty excited about.  There are a number of good things going on, but for now I want to tell you about some new exercise classes I’ve been trying   I still love my triathlons, but I felt like I needed to shake things up a bit in the off-season and try some of these interesting exercise fads I keep reading about.

One of the doctors at work introduced me to the app Class Pass, which has been key in facilitating my exercise class adventures.  Basically, Class Pass allows you to try a wide variety of exercise classes at participating facilities in your area.  Classes range from yoga to boot camps to spinning to dance to aerial pilates- there is something for everyone.  There is a fee to join Class Pass, but the cost per class ends up being much cheaper than paying the drop in fee at different gyms and studios.   My package worked out to $7 a class, which is definitely worth it.

For my first class, I decided to try a hot yoga class.  I’ve never taken a real yoga class before (I’ve only tried following online videos once or twice), but I’ve been wanting to try one for a while now.  The idea of hot yoga has always intrigued me.  Why so hot?  Will it make me extra stretchy?  Will I feel relaxed afterwards?  Will I pass out?  After some googling of different studio options, I decided to take the yoga plunge and signed up for a mid-morning hot yoga class.  I couldn’t wait.

When I arrived, the instructor checked me in and was very helpful.  I explained that not only was I new to hot yoga, but new to yoga in general, and she assured me she’d help me out as we went along.  She showed me where to put me things and pointed in the direction of the yoga room.  I trotted off down the hallway, barefoot, ready to get my yoga on.

When I entered the room it was indeed hot.  Like, 105 F.  I took cues from the other people already in the room, unrolled my mat in a spot at the back of the class, and laid down on my back.  Very relaxing.  The instructor came in a few minutes later and we progressed through 90 minutes of very hot, very sweaty moves.

I didn’t find the class overly difficult, but the heat did get to me a couple of times, especially when going from bending to standing (in the medical world we call that orthostatic hypotension).  I felt like I got a really good stretch, I loved the full body sweat, and my muscles felt really limber and relaxed afterwards.  It kind of left me with that post-massage feeling.  However, I wasn’t completely sold.  I felt like it was lacking a little bit of pizzazz for me and I needed something more, although I wasn’t really sure what exactly that was.  I liked it enough to keep exploring different yoga options as I definitely think that yoga is going to be very helpful for my balance, strength, and flexibility.

To Recap:

Good: Loved the heat and the sweat, great stretch.  I felt relaxed afterwards.

Bad: It felt a little “meh”.  I needed a but more excitement

Bottomline:  I enjoyed it and would do it again on occasion, but I wouldn’t make it part of my regular exercise routine.

(Since this yoga class, I have actually been frequenting a power yoga studio for a month trial and I am loving it.  I think I found the extra pizzazz I needed!  More on that later….)