Year of the Shark- January Recap

A full month has passed since I declared 2018 The Year of the Shark time flies when you’re busy sharkin’. Looking back, I feel like I’ve actually accomplished a lot over the past month. Here’s a recap of what I’ve been up to.

I took the GRE. While working on grad school applications, I just decided to take the plunge and take the GRE so I would have scores if I need them. I signed up and gave myself a whopping six days of prep time to re-learn all of the high school algebra and SAT vocab that I haven’t used in 15 years. But I took it, I did well, and I was very happy with my results.

I passed my CEN. Apparently January was the month of test taking for me, because once I took the GRE, I started studying for my Emergency Nursing Certification.  Again, I didn’t give myself nearly enough prep time for the test, but I wanted to take it by the end of the month to hopefully include the certification on NP apps due at the beginning of February.  I studied feverishly for about a week, took the test, and passed- barely, but I passed! Phew! I’m off booze at the moment, so I indulged in a celebratory pizza in lieu of a cocktail, with my Mom.

Mom came to visit! It’s always a highlight of any month when Hazel is in town. Unfortunately, this time I was hunkered down studying for the CEN, but she kept me supplied with cups of tea while I trudged through page after page of the intricacies of emergency nursing. She also did some serious organizing, painting, yard clean up, and of course, spoiled the Ginger Hounds.



I went to a last minute Mardi Gras Ball, which is always a fun time. A bunch of my friends were going and a last-minute ticket was offered to me, so I snagged it. My friend Diane even had an extra dress that just happened to fit me- it was meant to be!


Terry, myself, and Jenn



Louisiana froze. Like, really froze. This is a big deal for us southern residents. We had freezing rain that left a solid inch of ice over everything, and then a pretty sprinkling of snow on top of that. Our temps stayed below freezing for about 48 hours, which has to be some kind of record for us, as usually if we get any kind of wintery precipitation, it is gone within the hour. Needless to say, this northern girl was loving it. Alas, although I fared well, it was not all fun and games for many, as freezing temps were accompanied by freezing (and busting!) pipes, school closures, road closures, and a citywide boil-water advisory for 3 days. The Ginger Hounds loved the cold weather and the crisp smells of winter, something they don’t get to experience too often.


Ruby and Pepper in Louisiana snow









Now looking forward to February, there is lots coming up. Mardi Gras is coming which means GLITTER, GLITTER, GLITTER! (Have you ever googled how to glitter your dog? Because I have…). NP applications will be submitted, hopefully I will figure out my triathlon schedule for the upcoming months, and I’m sure there will be some adventures with the Hounds.

Until then, keep sharking, my friends!

Worst. Snow Day(s). Ever.

Well, as I mentioned a few days ago, the world has taken a crazy turn and we were predicted to get snow in New Orleans over the past few days.  “AWESOME!”, said I, a northern girl now living in a city plagued with heat and humidity the majority of the year.  I was looking forward to seeing my old friend Snow.

Well, he stood me up!  He left me like the heroine gets left in a bad romantic comedy:  All fancied up in my best dress, sitting at the restaurant full of eager anticipation, only to be left with the sinking feeling that I’m being stood up.  Mr. Snow, you, Sir, are a jerk and I will no longer be accepting dates with you.  I also will not accept your phone call with a lame excuse in three days.  I know better…

It never even tried to snow.  It rained.  And rained some more.  And then it kept raining.  It did get cold enough that the rain eventually turned to ice, but not cool, interesting ice, just the kind of ice that ices up your car windows and freezes your outdoor trashcans shut.  Lame, boring ice.

Some creative mind in New Orleans even developed a cute website where you could track the presence of snow in the city.  I sat at home yesterday cuddled in my blanket with my two portable space heaters, Oswald and Pepper, constantly checking to see if  was reporting snow yet.  Alas, the closet we ever got was this:


Sigh.  So now snow for me, and no snow for the dogs who were looking forward to it too.

But hey!  We got two days off from work and school, which never goes unappreciated, except by one member of the family:  Oswald.  Oswald clearly has no concept of “snow days” or “vacation days in general” and at 7 am this morning when I am clearly hunkered down and settled in for a morning of sleeping in, I am awoken to this:

20140129_102750 20140129_102909

And then a, “woof woof, why aren’t you out of bed yet?”

“Oswald, it’s a snow day, I’m sleeping in, go back to bed.”

To that he responding with a grumpy stare, a sigh, and then begrudgingly slumped off to his bed.  Peace did not last long, however, as boyfriend was soon awakened by Pepper jumping on his head as if to say “Hey, hey, hey, are you awake??  Are you awake now?  Can I have my breakfast?  Hey!  Are you awake?”

We finally gave up, made some coffee and headed out in the cold to the levee with the dogs.  My northern girl instincts did kick in, though.  With my hat, gloves, North Face, and travel mug filled with coffee and Bailey’s I’m ready to tackle anything that                “Sneaux-magedon” (as they are calling it down here) could throw at me.


Riding in Cars with Dogs

I took the boys with me today to run a few errands.  Oswald has always loved car rides and I’m sure considers me his own personal chauffeur.  Rupert needs some more practice at riding in the car like a sane creature.

Exhibit A:  Oswald, enjoying a pleasant afternoon drive.


Exhibit B:  Rupert attempting to catch all of the smells as they go rushing past.


I finally put the window up and then he sat slightly more calmly, but did try to jump through the closed window when he saw a squirrel at a red light.  Going to the drive through ATM was also pretty interesting.  I have determined that more practice is needed before I allow Rupert to apply for his licence.

Evening Jog



Last Friday evening Rupert and I went for a quick 3 mile jog.  There wasn’t anything too notable about the run, expect that it really is more enjoyable to have a four-legged running partner.  I am starting to think that Rupert might be interested in being a triathlete when he grows up, however.  He loves to go from a mid-run swim in the river and gets really excited whenever he sees a cyclist.  Once I get this half-marathon out of the way next month, maybe we’ll switch our training focus.  Who know!

Sunday Funday

Ok, so this post is a day off, but it’s a holiday weekend so this week Monday is the new Sunday.  We didn’t go to the beach or anywhere exciting this weekend, but we did go for a good, long walk on the levee.  It’s like the beach, but with grass instead of sand, and a river instead of an ocean.  We even found our own sandbar.


We decided to go exploring.


And go for a swim (of course!)


dog river1

So it wasn’t a fancy beach, but it was good enough for us!  Maybe next time we’ll remember to bring a towel!

Sunday Mudding

This morning my neighbor (and friend!) Teresa and I took the dogs down to the levee for their Sunday morning romp.  Everyone was excited.

Rupert was excited because this meant he got to walk with his best friend and playmate, Rowlf.

Oswald was excited because Rupert was playing with Rowlf, which allowed Oswald to partake in some serious un-interrupted sniffing.

Rowlf was excited because he managed to find the most amazing mud puddle to relax in.


Teresa was not as excited about this.


Apparently it was heavenly.

Unfortunately for Rowlf, when we returned home he had to part with his collection of mud.


It’s ok Rowlf, the puddle will still be there tomorrow.