Year of the Shark

When I was a kid, I used to love going to the local Chinese restaurant and reading the back of the paper placemat that showed a diagram of the Chinese Zodiac. Beside each zodiac sign was a list of attributes assigned to each zodiac sign. Ox: dependable, hardworking, stubborn, intelligent, loving. Rabbit: stubborn, loving, hardworking, intelligent, dependable. Snake: intelligent, hardworking, loving, stubborn, dependable. You get the idea. Then they would list your best love matches- Pig + Goat (boring), Monkey + Rabbit (sounds like a magic show act), and Tiger + Dragon (now that is a bad-ass power couple!). Each zodiac sign comes around every 12 years making each new year The Year of the _______. This year I’m so excited that it’s finally the Year of the Shark!!

Yes, I know, there isn’t actually a shark in the Chinese Zodiac, and it is actually the Year of the Dog (which I love), but to me, it’s the Year of the Shark, I have declared it so. Why the Year of the Shark, you ask? Well I got my inspiration from one of the silly internet memes I saw on Facebook (Mr. Big posted) a month or so ago.

For some reason, I just loved it. January 1, 2018 was a Monday this year, which I felt made the meme all the more applicable as my inspiration for this new year. I pondered on what the attributes of the Shark zodiac sign might be if there really was one. Shark: strong, vulnerable, motivated, intense, spirited, and complex. I thought that seemed accurate.

As I continue to make some changes in my life and lifestyle this new year, I decided to forego resolutions (because, let’s be real, they are mostly bullshit) and just aim for a better outlook and presence in my life. For me, that means stop making excuses, stop settling for mediocrity, let go of apathy, set attainable goals, explore new expressions of myself, become comfortably uncomfortable as I stretch out of my safe zone, and allow my well-bring to be my main focus. Basically, be more sharky.

So that’s it. 2018 is going to be my Year of the Shark. Even though sharkin’ ain’t easy, it has to be done, and I’m ready to get to it.