The Tortoise and the… Hound?

Ok, I confess, it was actually a turtle, but that doesn’t have nearly the same play on words now does it?

Yesterday was unseasonably cool here in Southern Louisiana (meaning we hadn’t hit triple digits on the thermometer by 8 am) so Pepper and I decided to take advantage of this cold snap by sneaking in a long(ish) run before the Sun realized it was late for work.  Apparently we weren’t he only ones with that good idea, as a mile into our run we met this little guy cruising along the levee.  

Pepper was convinced it was a landmine and didn’t want to go near it, I just thought the little dude was quite cute. However, I didn’t think he was going to make it over the concrete wall behind him without some assistance so I relocated him to the tall grass down by the river where (I thought) he belongs.  I didn’t want him to end up under someone bicycle tire.

From there we continued on, but not without feeling that we were good neighbors to the local wildlife. ūüôā 

More on the actual run portion of this adventure later.

Adventures in Ohio- Part 1

So I’m back in Ohio stayung at my mom and dad’s for the week.¬† My brother is getting married on Saturday so I came up early to 1. Help keep the rest of my family sane and 2. Sample all of my parent’s wine collection before we serve it to our company.¬† Tough job, but someone has to do it.

Today I went for a jog down the bike path.  I needed to sweat and loosen up my stiff muscles after 13 hours in the car.  Ugh. 

It was a nice peaceful run and the temperature is a lot cooler than I’m used to back in New Orleans.


They even had signs along the path tell you how far you’re going. How very civilized! (Take note, NOLA).


I decided to duck off the paved path and go hang out by the stream for a while.  Quite a change from the imposing Mississippi River I normally run next to.


It’s too bad my running partner, Pepper, isn’t with me up here. She would have loved this trail.

Ginger Jogging: The Next Big Thing!

I’m fairly certain that I have just discovered the next biggest fad to hit the world of exercise! Mark my words- 2014 will be the year of Ginger Jogging.

What is Ginger Jogging, you ask?  And how will this ever compete with the craze of Cross Fit or Prancercise?  Let me explain:

I came across Ginger Jogging purely by accident (but I’m sure that’s how most great discoveries happened, like the wheel and fire and Facebook). ¬†I was out for a jog with my co-founder, Pepper, and while we stopped for a water break¬†to take selfies on my phone I thought to myself, “This is so fun! Just two Gingers out for a jog on a beautiful day…” ¬†And then it hit me! ¬†Who wouldn’t want to jog with a Ginger?!? ¬†Gingers make everything better! ¬†And that was the moment of brilliance when I created the new exercise regime Ginger Jogging: ¬†Jogging with a Ginger.

Now, there are a few variations to Ginger Jogging that I will explain in later posts, but for now we will discuss the basics. Obviously, the more Gingers you take on your jog, the more amazing your experience will be.  (That should go without saying)  Also, we encourage people to diversify their jogging Gingers, if possible.  For example, Pepper and I as a pair represent both the Canine Ginger and Human Ginger categories, which makes us a very sought after team.  Remember- the more Ginger the merrier!

Human Gingers are usually the easiest Gingers to locate (you probably already know at least one!) ¬†however there are other Gingers that would be good Ginger Jogging buddies too. ¬†For example, Equine Gingers can make good jogging partners, and possibly a Feline Ginger may work with the proper dedication. ¬†I have yet to try a Bovine Ginger as a jogging partner, but those 4-H kids can work magic so I’m sure where there is a will there is a way. ¬†I would generally warn against Ginger Fish partners for obvious terrain challenges (although, they are great for the aquatic portion of triathlon training), and anything from the Reptilian Ginger category are generally not considered very socially acceptable to jog with, as people tend to find them “scary” and sometimes “venomous”.

Once you select the best Ginger partner for you, the rest is easy. ¬†Just go for a jog with your Ginger buddy and enjoy! ¬†Even if you are a novice Ginger Jogger, you can start small and build you way up. ¬†If the exercise, fresh air, and sunshine don’t manage to lift your spirit, then you can be certain your Ginger will.

And of course, no Ginger Jog is complete without the obligatory Ginger Selfie at the end of it.  Here is Pepper and I during our Ginger Jog (in the rain) a few days ago:


And here is Pepper posing post-Ginger Jog on the levee this afternoon.


So just remember, even if you’re not an all-star athlete, it’s hard not to look good with a Ginger by your side, so grab a Ginger and get to jogging!

Do you Ginger Jog?  Are you going to start?

Pepper and I will be chronicling our Ginger Jogging expeditions this year so stay tuned for our updates!